Suicidal Ideation

Basic First Steps

The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from a licensed physician or other qualified healthcare professional.

1. Supplement nutrients for prevention of suicidal ideation:

Vitamin D
Reason: regulates serotonin production, protects against neuronal oxidative stress
Typical dosing: 1000–5000 IU

Reason: calms neurotransmission, anti-stress, serotonin and dopamine production
Typical dosing: 100–750 mg/day

Lithium orotate or lithium aspartate
Reason: mood stabilizer, anti-inflammatory, increases serotonin and GABA
IMPORTANT: work with a medical professional if currently taking lithium medication

Fish oil
Reason: anti-inflammatory, brain supportive
Typical dosing: 1000–4000 mg (of fish oil)

Reason: addresses serotonin deficiencies
Typical dosing:
Tryptophan 500–2000 mg/day,
5-HTP 100-300 mg/ 3x day
Important: use with caution if taking SSRI medications

2. Supplement basic supporting nutrients for mental health:

Vitamin C
Reason: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, supports neurotransmitter production
Typical dosing: 1000–6000 mg/day

Reason:  broad spectrum nutrient support
Typical dosing: 1–2x day


Reason: full spectrum of B-vitamins, supports brain function, blood sugar control
Typical dosing: B50 2–4/day

3. Eat a healthy diet

  • ensure sufficient protein, fats, and cholesterol
  • eat a variety of colourful vegetables and fruit
  • avoid sugar and starches (low glycemic load)

Diets to consider:

4. If depression is an issue: consider the recommendations on the Depression webpage

5. Reduce sources of stress if possible

6. Ensure good sleep