Volume 30, Number 1

Orthomolecular Therapeutics to Support Resiliency
Jonathan E. Prousky, ND, MSc

Guest Editorial
Genomic Tools for Precision and Personalized Medicine
Richard P. Huemer, MD

Historical Article
Niacinamide Therapy Pioneer William Kaufman, MD, PhD, as Remembered by his Wife, Charlotte
Charlotte S. Kaufman and Andrew Saul

Educational Article
The use of Niacinamide and Solanaceae (Nightshade) Elimination in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis
Jonathan E. Prousky, ND, MSc

In Memoriam
Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS (1937 – 2014)

Brief Report
Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide; Nicotinamide) Reduces Urinary Glucose in a Type-2 Diabetes Subject
Berislav Momčilović, MD, MSc, PhD; Juraj Prejac, MD; Višnjević Vjeran, MSc; Prof. Ninoslav Mimica, MD, MSc, PhD

Original Research
Cross-Sectional Analysis of Pyrroles in Psychiatric Disorders: Association With Nutritional and Immunological Markers
Nina Mikirova, PhD

Original Research
A Survey Finds Thousands of Patient Counterexamples Disputing the Enforced Proscription of All Triiodothyronine Containing Therapies
Erik K. Pritchard, MSc

Brief Report
Immunoglobulin G and Food Allergies: Beyond the Controversy
Kenshi Miyzawa, MD, PhD, Jack Challem

Educational Article
Increasing the Effectiveness of Intravenous Vitamin C as an Anticancer Agent
Michael J. Gonzalez NMD, DSc, PhD, FANMA, FACN; Jorge R. Miranda-Massari PharmD; Jorge Duconge PhD; Miguel J. Berdiel, MD

2015 Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of FameOrthomolecular Medicine Today Conference Report


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