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Jonathan E. Prousky, ND, MSc

Case Report

Orthomolecular Treatment Response
Raymond J. Pataracchia, ND, BSc

Case Report

Nutrition and Cancer: Further Case Studies Involving Salvesterol
Brian A. Schaefer, DPhil; Catherine Dooner, BA;
M. Danny Burke, PhD; Gerard A. Potter, PhD

Review Article

Dietary Modulation of Insulin and Glucose in Prediabetes
Jack Challem

Review Article

Mitochondria, Energy and Cancer: The Relationship with Ascorbic Acid
Michael J. Gonzalez, DSc, PhD, FACN; Glorivee Rosario-Perez, PhD;
Angelica M. Guzman, MSc; Jorge R. Miranda-Massari, PharmD; Jorge Duconage, PhD;
Julio Lavergne, PhD; Nadia Fernandez, PhD; Norma Ortiz, MD; Ana Quintero, MD;
Nina Mikirova, PhD; Neil H. Riordan, PhD; Carlos M. Ricart, PhD

Case from the Center

Urine Pyrroles and Other Orthomolecular Tests in Patients with ADD/ADHD
James A. Jackson, MT(ASCP)CLS, PhD; Mary Braud, MD; Sharon Neathery, MT

Book Review

I Have Cancer: What Should I Do?


Nutrition and Psyche Congress, October 30, 2009, Utrecht, The Netherlands