Vitamin C for the Treatment of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Vitamin C for the Treatment of Coronavirus (COVID-19) 2020-03-24T19:57:38+00:00

Abstract:  This presentation focuses on the role of ascorbate (vitamin C) in the treatment of COVID-19 and its potentially fatal sequela. Pharmacokinetics, safety, and the current scientific literature are reviewed. Clinical applications of oral and intravenous vitamin C are discussed in the context of viral illness.

Dr. Anderson is medical director of Advanced Medical Therapies in Seattle, Washington, a clinic focusing on the care of patients with cancer and chronic diseases. He is a highly-recognized educator and clinician with three decades of experience in the use of orthomolecular and nutritional therapies for infectious, chronic and oncologic illness.

Dr. Anderson was head of the interventional arm of a US-NIH funded human research trial using IV vitamin C and other therapies in cancer patients, and his former academic positions include: Professor of Pharmacology and Clinical Medicine at Bastyr University, and Chief of IV Services for Bastyr Oncology Research Center.

A frequent conference speaker and writer, Dr. Anderson is co-author of the book “Outside the Box Cancer Therapies” (Hay House, 2018) with Dr. Mark Stengler, as well as a co-author with Jack Canfield in the anthology “Success Breakthroughs” and the forthcoming book “Cancer… Living Life while you Have it” (Lioncrest Publishing). He has extended his educational outreach through