Type of Practice: Occupational and Family Medicine. Special Interests in Cancer Prevention and Medical Nutrition.
Education/Professional Associations:

BSc. (University of Toronto), MBBS (HK), M Med Sc (HKU), M Med (OM) NUS, FAM (Singapore)

Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, America Academic of Aesthetic Medicine USA

Fellow, Academy of Medicine Singapore


Physician in Charge, Hosanna Clinic
Specialist, Occupational Medicine,
Registered Family Physician, Ministry of Health Singapore

Chairman of Kowloon Medical Professional Group.
Medical Consultant and Committee Member, 365 Cancer Prevention Society( CPS), Singapore.
Former President of CareCancer Society (now 365 CPS).
Lecturer (1988-1990) Dept of Physiology, School of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Associate Medical Director (1990-1992), Ciba Geigy (Now Novartis ) Regional Medical Centre, Singapore.

Organizing committee, Singapore Lifestyle and Integrated Medicine Conference, March ,2020 ( postponed to 2021)

Contributions to Orthomolecular Medicine

Member of the OMNS Editorial Review Board



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