Phone: +1-506-939-0976
Type of Practice: Doctor of natural medicine specializing in integrative dietetics.
Education/Professional Associations:

PhD. MSc. RD FICN (Fellow of the International College of Nutrition)


Dr. Vince Ziccarelli has a doctorate in alternative medicine, his masters of science degree in nutrition and metabolism, and is a registered dietitian. Dr. Ziccarelli received the honorary title of Fellow of the International College of Nutrition (FICN) for his academic contributions in the advancement of research in the nutritional sciences. Dr. Ziccarelli practices an innovative form of nutritional therapy called integrative dietetics, which essentially combines medical nutrition therapies with evidence based natural medicines for both the prevention and treatment of disease. Dr. Ziccarelli has been in private practice for close to twenty years and has consulted with many nutraceutical companies to provide direction for many areas of formulation, research and development. He also engages often with writing many nutrition and natural health articles related to both consumer and academic audiences.