Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame

Inducted 2017

Osamu Mizukami, MD, PhD, is a leading pioneer in Orthomolecular Medicine in Japan. He is the President of the Japanese Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, and the Chief Physician and Director of Health Promotion Clinic in Tokyo. He graduated from the Hirosaki University School of Medicine in 1973, and since then he has worked as a integrative internist in Japan. He received a PhD from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and a DPH from Loma Linda University.

Forty years ago, following the work of Linus Pauling, Dr Mizukami started using high-dose IV vitamin C in his clinic, and soon became one of the leading Orthomolecular oncologists in Japan.

In 2007, he began to practice orthomolecular psychiatry and Dr Hiroyuki Abe transferred all of his psychiatry and autism patients over to him. He has incorporated neurotransmitter and Brain Mapping technologies into his treatment approach, with exciting results.

He has published fifteen books, including Create Health, and High-Dose IV Vitamin C for Cancer Patients. As a leading advocate and physcian in Japan, Dr Mizukami knows orthomolecular medicine stands as an indispensable basic protocol in treating patients.