Education/Professional Associations:

Moscow State University, PhD in physics and mathematics, MS in statistics


Nina Mikirova, PhD is Director of Research at the Riordan Clinic and graduated from Moscow State University in Russia with a PhD in physics and mathematics, earned a MS degree in statistics, and had academic training in biochemistry in the United States.

Dr. Mikirova worked 15 years as the Senior Researcher Chief at the Institute of Bio-Medical Problems in Russia specializing on understanding the physical processes of solar activity and its effect on Earth, as well as in space. She developed one of the methods of forecasting solar cosmic ray events, which was used in predicting safe periods for spacecraft flights in order to minimize the radiation exposure of astronauts (e. g. Apollo-Soyuz project, 1975).

In 1997, Dr. Mikirova joined the Riordan Clinic. At that time the Riordan Clinic concentrated on nontoxic, adjunctive cancer care. The foundation of this project is RECNAC (Research Encompassing Novel Approaches to Cancer, CANCER spelled backward) with the goal to reverse the ever-growing trends of cancer by identifying nontoxic adjunctive treatment modalities in the care of cancer patients. The team went on to make many discoveries regarding the use of intermittent high-dose IVC and conducted a clinical trial demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of continuous IVC.

Dr. Mikirova has published more than 50 papers in the area of nutrients as biological response modifiers and 50 articles in the area of bio-medical aspects of solar radiation. Her areas of research focus include: the effect of high dosage intravenous vitamin C on inflammation, cytokines, angiogenesis and viral infection; potential of using high dose intermittent and continuous IVC as the adjuvant therapy to treat cancer; effect of nutrients on the levels of progenitor and stem cells in circulation; energy metabolism and functioning of mitochondria in cancer and normal cells; effects of micronutrient supplementation on cardiovascular risk factors; and effectiveness of chelation therapy in clearing toxic heavy metals from the body. She is a 2014 recipient of the Riordan Clinic’s Pearl Maker award, which recognizes individuals for their actions to further the mission of stimulating an epidemic of health, worldwide.

Dr. Mikirova has made multiple trips to medical meetings by invitations: Germany, England, Japan, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Morocco, Columba and Algiers to lecture on The Riordan IVC Protocol for Cancer.

Contributions to Orthomolecular Medicine

More than 50 research articles in the area of integrative and orthomolecular medicine.


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