Gertrudes iela 53-7Riga, LV-1005Latvia

Type of Practice: Functional/Nutritional Biochemistry, Professional Applied Kinesiology
Education/Professional Associations:

MD, PhD (Biochemistry), Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis

Member of the Polish Association for the Study of Magnesium

European Federation of Parasitologists

The Kinesiology Association (UK)


After presenting his PhD thesis, Dr Bondarenko studied Laboratory Immunodiagnosis, and then – Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis (in St. Petersburg, Sweden, and Finland), with a special attention to Clinical Biochemistry.

Prof Bondarenko delved into Functional and Nutritional Biochemistry, with an emphasis on targeted nutritional supplementation as an essential aid in the treatment of patients with a broad range of clinical conditions. His recommendations, special for each patient, were warmly welcomed at his consultations in the Nordic countries, the UK, Poland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Turkey, and Central Asia.

For years, he has been teaching Functional and Nutritional Biochemistry to medical doctors and other health practitioners in many countries. At present, Prof Bondarenko is working as a Research Council Member of Health Guard, an organisation promoting nutritional supplementation in the prevention and post-treatment support in oncology (Warszawa, Poland), and as a Senior Researcher at the Medical Institute for Nutrition Science and Technology (Riga, Latvia).

Prof Bondarenko is promoting and using in his clinical practice, as well as in his research projects, the key concept of Functional Biochemistry: a disease can be effectively prevented and treated if (in combination with lifestyle changes) proper pure nutrients are used as specific up-regulators of inhibited enzymes in the body.

Contributions to Orthomolecular Medicine

Teaching Functional and Nutritional Biochemistry to medical doctors and other health practitioners in the EU, the UK, Algeria, New Zealand, Samoa, Central Asia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. He has used principles and methods of Nutritional Biochemistry (restoring the activity of inhibited enzymes as a way of preventing and treating diseases) in his clinical practice for over 20 years.


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