Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame

Inducted 2013

Hiroyuki Abe, MD, PhD, is a leading pioneer in Orthomolecular Medicine in Japan. Encouraged and inspired by Abram Hoffer, he established the Japanese Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, serving as cofounder and Honorary Chairman, with Tsuyoshi Kitahara as Director and Abram Hoffer as Honorary Member. Dr. Abe has incorporated into his practice and teaching the work of many Orthomolecular pioneers including Carl Pfeiffer, Hugh Riordan, Richard Kunin, and Michael Lesser. He has attended the Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference for the last decade and brought what he has learned to Japan.

Dr. Abe graduated from Sapporo Medical University in 1964. During his surgical training, he was appointed a Clinical Fellow in Surgery at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital and at Cleveland Clinic. After returning to Japan, he was appointed as Lecturer at Juntendo University in 1975 and as Associate Professor of Radiology at Nihon University School of Medicine in 1981, while also a Visiting Professor in Diagnostic Radiology at Stanford University School of Medicine and in Cardiology of University of California San Francisco. Dr. Abe is widely published in leading professional journals and he is the author of many chapters on cardiac surgery for medical textbooks.

Dr. Abe opened new medical frontiers for cancer treatment, with personalized medicine based on molecular diagnostics as his underlying theme. Dr. Abe developed a dendritic cell-based cancer vaccine, and uses IV therapy, onco-hyperthermia, immunotherapy and other orthomolecular treatments.

Orthomolecular Psychiatry is Dr Abe’s other key interest. Following Abram Hoffer, he treats many schizophrenia and autism patients.

Dr. Abe is Founder, CEO and Medical Director of Hakushin Koseikai Medical Foundation and Director of Life Science Research Institute. He is also Chairman of International Society of Personalized Medicine.

Additionally, Dr. Abe has contributed to the advancement of Orthomolecular Medicine as the author of New Ways to Treat Autism, and as editorial supervisor for the Japanese editions of The Brain Chemistry Diet(Michael Lesser), The Puzzle of Autism (Garry Gordon and Amy Yasko) and What Really Causes Schizophrenia (Harold Foster).