Type of Practice: General Orthomolecular Medicine


I have been an MD with an OM approach since 1981 having read and been inspired by Dr. Linus Pauling’s book on Vitamin C in 1970.

For years prior to entering medical studies in Grenoble, France, I applied orthomolecular principles helping friends, family and interested acquaintances.

My education was rounded out as a Family Practice resident at Memorial University in Newfoundland over a three year period.

I work (2019) in a private, solo practice after having spent 17 years in a large multi-disciplinary clinic in Montreal and the two previous decades in smaller clinics.

I am interested in wellness promotion, through a nutritional approach, as well as the treatment of chronic disease, thyroid and various other hormonal problems.  I also have a particular interest in environmental illness including electromagnetic sensitivities.