Francophone Society of Nutritherapy and Applied Nutrigenetics (SOFNNA)

20 D Rue Théo DelsartSaint-Etienne, Loire 42000France

Type of Practice: Scientist, Lecturer, Professional trainer of health professionals
Education/Professional Associations:

Francophone Society of Nutritherapy and Applied Nutrigenetics (SOFNNA), International Institute of Nutrition and Micronutrition Sciences (IINMS), Moroccan Society of Micronutrition and Applied Nutrigenetics (SOMMNA), Precision Health Intenational (PHI), Tunisian Society of Micronutrition and Integrative Medicine (SOTMMI)


Dr. Amin Gasmi is an Algerian physiologist specializing in orthomolecular and micronutrition sciences, with a significant body of work that includes the publication of eight books and over 70 scientific papers as of 2023. He is president, founder, and active member of several organizations located in multiple countries. This includes being a founding member and the president of the Francophone Society of Nutritherapy and Applied Nutrigenetics based in France with international activities in the french-speaking countries.He resides in France and began his career by obtaining a Physical Therapist degree in 2006. Subsequently, he studied holistic nutrition at the College of Alternative Medicines in Canada. He also majored in Sports physiology and biology and served as a physiotherapist and sports nutritionist for the Algeria national teams in taekwondo and athletics.In January 2012, he attended the SANMO training program where he served as a translator of the SANMO courses and lectures from German to French. After this, he relocated to France to pursue a Research Master’s degree in exercise biology and physiology. He also holds a PhD in Nutrition and Diet Therapy from Bircham International University.In 2014, he founded the Francophone training program “Nutrition Orthomoléculaire” aimed at health and sports professionals. He also established, a Francophone website dedicated to orthomolecular and micronutrition sciences. In addition, Dr. Gasmi has conducted hundreds of lectures and trainings for medical doctors and health professionals, particularly focusing on integrative physiology and orthomolecular nutrition in almost all french-speaking countries.He has also been instrumental in organizing several international congresses and conferences, including the International Congress of Nutritional Sciences (ICNS) in Morocco, the International Forum of Integrative Nutrition (IFIN) in Algeria, the International Congress of Micronutrition (ICM) in Tunisia, as well as several other International Conferences in European French-Speaking Countries.

Contributions to Orthomolecular Medicine

  • President and founder of Francophone Society for Nutritherapy and Applied Nutrigenetics (SOFNNA) – France
  • President and founder of Moroccan Society of Micronutrition and Applied Nutrigenetics (SOMMNA) – Morocco
  • President and Founder of the International Institute of Nutrition and Micronutrition Sciences (IINMS) – France
  • Initiator of several other national organisations of micronutrition
  • Co-organiser and initiator of several International Congresses and Conferences in the french-speaking countries
  • Publication of scientific papers, book chapters, books, preprints and technical reports in the field integrative physiology and orthomolecular micronutrition:
  • Lecturer and professional trainer of health and sports professionals in the French-Speaking Countries (since 2014)
  • Founder of the francophone training program Nutrition Orthomoléculaire
  • Founder of the francophone orthomolecular website:
  • Creator of the YouTube Channel called “OrthoDiet : Nutrithérapie & Nutrigénétique” :
  • Former active member of SANMO (Société Algérienne de Nutrition et de Médecine Orthomoléculaire): translation from German to French of courses and conferences delivred in SANMO by german and austrian lecturers (2012 – 2013)
  • Contributions (translations and interventions) to other orthomolecular organizations such as ASMAP in Morocco (Association des Sciences Médicales Alternatives et Préventives) (2018)


  • Gasmi A., Gasmi H., Intérêt de la traction lombaire dans le traitement de la lombosciatalgie par hernie discale (Effect of lumbar traction in the treatment of lumbosciatalgia by discal hernia), FMT medical, 107: 20-23, 2013.
  • Gasmi A., Impact de la supplémentation en créatine monohydrate dans l’amélioration de la qualité de force maximale chez les pratiquants des sports de musculation (Impact of creatine monohydrate supplementation in improving strength in weight training athletes), Bulletin Ortho (SANMO), 4: 105-113, 2013.
  • Gasmi A., Effet de vingt jours de supplémentation en vitamine C sur le rendement physique des taekwondistes masculins de haut niveau (Effect of twenty days of vitamin C supplementation on the physical qualities in male taekwonders of high level), Ortho, 10: 79-89, 2013.
  • Gasmi A., Menzel A., Cancer et vitamine C – Prévention et thérapie du cancer par mégadoses de vitamine C (Cancer and vitamin C Review – High doses vitamin C cancer prevention and therapy), OrthoDiet, 2016
  • Gasmi A., Variability & health – Heart rate variability, OrthoDiet, 2017
  • Gasmi A., Menzel A., Vade mecum de vitaminothérapie et de nutrigénétique (Vade mecum of vitamin therapy and nutrigenetics) – Nutrition Orthomoléculaire®
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