About the webinar

Presenter: Patrick Holford

Brain size is shrinking, IQ is falling, mental health problems are rising. A global study shows that 43% of the world’s population has disability due to neurological disorders from autism to Alzheimer’s. The European Society of Neuroscientists  has declared a ‘global brain health emergency’. One in six children are neurodivergent, many with autism or ADHD. Memory decline and pre-dementia are increasingly common in younger adults, with one in four using anti-depressants, sleeping pills or tranquillizers. 

World-leading researchers and clinicians have developed clear guidelines for improving brain function through diet, supplementation, and lifestyle. In this webinar, best selling author and the founder of Food for the Brain, Patrick Holford discusses the importance of:

  • consuming healthy fats for brain structure and function
  • B vitamins for supporting methylation and reducing homocysteine
  • controlling blood sugar to prevent glycation and insulin resistance
  • increasing antioxidant intake to reduce oxidative damage in the brain