About the conference

Go beyond the treatment guesswork and reimagine mental health care with this exclusive, two-day online conference! You’ll discover functional, science-backed protocols for treating mental illness, along with practical strategies to improve your clinical practice. A panel of experts will help you learn how to identify underlying causes and assess unique patient biochemistry; address biological, genetic, and environmental factors to restore balance; and create personalized care strategies for improved patient treatment.

Walk away with new functional medicine strategies to expand your clinical toolbox and help your patients finally get better.

Speakers include:

  • James Greenblatt, MD
  • Louis Cady, MD
  • Georgia Ede, MD
  • Nancy O’Hara, MD
  • Daniel Dowd, ParmD
  • Mariela Podolski, MD

June 22-23, 2024


Psychiatry Redefined