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The 2024 Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference is being held in partnership with Advanced Applications in Medical Practice (AAMP). Under the leadership and vision of Dr. Paul Anderson, AAMP Conferences provide an advanced level of continuing education for health professionals.

This partnership with AAMP aligns with our objectives of expanding the reach and impact of Orthomolecular Medicine, and we are excited about the opportunities it presents for collaboration and growth.

Participation options:

  • In person
  • Live online
  • Post-conference recordings

Accreditation:  18.00 Category 1 American Medical Association PRA Credits™

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The Neurodiverse Patient: Adults and Children

May 17-19, 2024 – Scottsdale, AZ

Spectrums including: Autism, Attention Deficit, Neuroinflammation, PANS, and more…

Neurodiversity and its associated conditions have expanded beyond a marginalized segment of patients to encompass a broader group of individuals that doctors encounter on a daily basis. Clinicians with a focus on integrative and naturopathic medicine can play a distinctive role in assisting this population by employing biological treatments to target underlying factors such as toxicity, diet, allergies, infections, autoimmunity, and epigenetics.

This conference will focus on

  • assessment and diagnostic strategies
  • understanding neurodiverse pathways at an advanced level, including comorbid presentations
  • the use of dietary, nutraceutical, and lifestyle interventions to improve patient outcomes

Conference Speakers

Paul Anderson, NMD

  • Neurodiversity: It’s not what we were all taught (and that’s a good thing!)
  • Endogenous Neurotoxicity: An Orthomolecular Approach Parts 1-3
  • Concepts in well-balanced Depuration and Detoxification
  • Dr. Rogers Prize Lecture – Specific Therapies for Brain Mitochondria – Orthomolecular & Beyond
  • What do we do Monday Morning?

Jill Crista, ND

  • PANS-PANDAS Part 1: Infectious and Environmental Triggers
  • PANS-PANDAS Part 2: Conventional Treatment Approaches
  • PANS-PANDAS Part 3: An Integrative Approach to Treatment

John Gannage, MD

  • Environmental factors including the impact of pesticides and metals on neurodevelopment
  • Diet interventions and cellular nutrition for ASD

Paula Kruppstadt, MD

  • Assessment and Diagnosis: From the current accepted definition of autism and the standard of medical care for evaluation and treatment, to a systems biology approach using case examples
  • Utilizing nutrigenomics in a “boots on the ground” systems biology approach (not overwhelming, like so many introductions to genetics) to intervene early on
  • Testing echelons and alternative therapies that are needle movers

Mary Rondeau, ND and Steve Rondeau, ND

  • The Normalization of Neurodiversity
  • ADHD: Beyond Dopamine
  • Neurodiversity in practice: Case Discussions

Conference agenda


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