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The 2024 Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference is being held in partnership with Advanced Applications in Medical Practice (AAMP). Under the leadership and vision of Dr. Paul Anderson, AAMP Conferences provide an advanced level of continuing education for health professionals.

This partnership with AAMP aligns with our objectives of expanding the reach and impact of Orthomolecular Medicine, and we are excited about the opportunities it presents for collaboration and growth.

Participation options:

  • In person
  • Live online
  • Post-conference recordings

Accreditation: 18.00 Category 1 American Medical Association PRA Credits™

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The Sensitized and Reactive Patient

Mast Cell Disorders, Dysautonomia & POTS, Allergy & Sensitivity, Biotoxins & General Toxicity States

Why are so many more of our patients reactive and more difficult to treat? It seems that even though the integrative and naturopathic practitioner community is uniquely set up to help these patients we are inundated with more and more complex patients. Why are our “typical difficult” patients getting more so? In this conference we will delve into the most common triggers of patient sensitivity, why these triggers are worse now, and strategies for providing optimum patient care.


Paul Anderson, NMD

  • Clinical Importance of Mast Cell Immunology: The Basis of the “Triad”
  • Primary Aggravating Comorbidities
  • Infectious Comorbidity: Diagnosis and Management
  • Endocrine Influences in Sensitized Patients: Assessment and Management
  • Immunotherapies and the Sensitized Patient
  • Case Reviews

Sueanne Baddour, DNP, APRN

  • Recognizing and Assessing the Hypermobile Patient
  • Hypermobile Patients: Next Steps and Management Considerations

Todd Born, ND, CNS

  • Difficult Case Management: Part 1
  • Difficult Case Management: Part 2

Laureen Tessier, ND

  • EDS, MCAS, CCI, ASD: Interoception and Proprioception
  • Addressing the Sensitized Patient: First Clinical Considerations

Leonard Weinstock, MD

  • The “Triad” MCAS – POTS – EDS: Part 1
  • The “Triad” MCAS – POTS – EDS: Part 2


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