Presenter: Akbar Khan, MD

According to the W.H.O. cancer kills over 6 million people around the world each year, and the number is increasing. Billions are being poured into cancer research annually with runs for the cure, pink ribbon days and cancer hospitals holding lotteries to give away cars and homes. Yet the medical community is not able to make a dent in cancer. The key lies in the lack of adequate primary prevention and the antiquated concepts of treatments that harm the immune system and promote drug resistance and even metastases. Targeting a particular genetic alteration or a particular aberrant protein in cancer cells has also largely been a failure. New immunotherapies which were initially hailed as being revolutionary are now known to cause autoimmunity and even acceleration of cancer growth.

Natural therapies have been overlooked by mainstream oncology since these modalities do not fit the high profit research model of modern medicine. Medical ozone therapy is one natural therapy, that if patentable, would surely be found in every doctor’s office today. Instead, it is labelled as quackery despite its decades of clinical use and hundreds of supporting scientific publications. This lecture will cover the benefits of ozone therapy for cancer prevention and treatment, in combination with conventional toxic therapies and natural therapies. Other specific natural methods of prevention and treatment will also be explored including high dose vitamin D, met-enkephalin, natural mitochondrial metabolic therapies and powerful herbals that target growth signaling in cancer cells.