Healing with Clinical Nutrition is an authoritative guide to clinical nutrition for the naturopathic, conventional, and integrative student and practitioner. Based on current research and evidence-based practices. Healing with Clinical Nutrition has become a standard reference text in medical libraries, adopted and recommended for course work at several medical colleges and health science programs.

This book diagnosis the dangers of our modern low-fiber and high-carbohydrate diet, while prescribing an optimum diet of nutrient-rich food and nutritional supplements for better health. The authors identify the nutrient deficiencies and dependencies caused by our junk-food diet that have resulted in public malnutrition and serious dietary diseases. They recommend a diet that is whole, alive, fresh, and varied, rather than processed, dead, stale, and monotonous, and provide appropriate evidence-based vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, and amino acid therapy programs.

Clinical and Educational Features:

  • Offers conventional health-care practitioners complementary therapies to integrate into their prevention and treatment protocols. This is the first book on cancer to accommodate both naturopathic and allopathic approaches.
  • Provides the naturopathic clinician a comprehensive handbook for using food and supplements to prevent and treat most common conditions. This book includes a comprehensive index of conditions and treatments, as well as an analysis of the nutrient content of common foods. Ideal guide for prescribing.
  • Directs students to a rich reserve of evidence-based medical literature on clinical nutrition. This book comprises one of the largest bodies of medical research on naturopathic and integrative approaches to clinical nutrition. The chapters on nutrient absorption are novel and especially valuable.

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