Double Blind Studies often the Bane of Health Advancement; Report on Disciplinary Proceeding: the State of New York Against Warren Levin, M.D
A Hoffer, MD, PhD


A Beneficial Effect of Calcium intake on Mood

K Arasteh, PhD

Schizophrenia: An Evolutionary Defence Against Severe Stress

A Hoffer, MD, PhD

Case from the Center:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

J Jackson, PhD; H Riordan, MD; L Doran, BS; N. Riordan

The Adverse Effects of Food Additives on Health: A Review of the Literature with a Special Emphasis on Childhood Hyperactivity

TE Tuormaa


Insanity or Hvpoglycemia: A Case History; An Alternative Treatment for Tic Douloureux

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