The Politics of Medical Research; Alternative Medicine Liberated in A Second State

A. HOFFER, M.D., Ph.D.



The Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Ritual

E Cheraskin DMD, MD

Discovery of New Elements of Biological Communication Leading the Way To the Abolition of Infectious Disease, Cancer and Other Diseases As Causes of Human Mortality

M Rath, MD

Selenium Deficiency and Clinical Findings in Schizophrenia: A Common Thread

T Berry, MA

The NAC Pilot Project: A Model for Nutrition Screening and intervention for Developmentally Disabled Children with Behavior Disorders

DM Torisky, PhD, RD; CV Torisky,Med; S Kaplan,MD; C Speicher, BS

A Case of Alzheimers Treated with Nutrients and Aspirin

A Hoffer, MD, PhD

The Incidence of Food Allergies in Down Syndrome Subjects As Determined by IgG and IgE Rast

G Strong, DDS

Case from the Center” Ankylosing Spondylitis

JA Jackson, PhD; HD Riordan, MD

Schizophrenia As the Egoless State of Perfection

M Mates, MSW



Cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Vitamin B3

Bill W


Book Reviews:

The Biology of Life Span; Acute Trauma and Systemic Enzyme Therapy; A New Look at Chronic Disorders and Systemic Enzyme Therapy
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