JOM – Volume 7, Number 4, 1992

JOM – Volume 7, Number 4, 1992 2020-02-07T10:59:34+00:00


The True Cost of Cynicism

A Hoffer, MD, PhD



The Third Face of Vitamin C

RA Cathcart, M

Case from the Center: Illness and Intestinal Parasites

Cancer, Immunology and Aging: the Nutritional influence

JR Rodriguez, MD; MJ Gonzales, DSc

Aluminum and Health

HD Foster, PhD

The Meaning of “Natural Medicine

HL Coulter, PhD

Altered Levels of Consciousness in Schizophrenia

M Mates, MSW

Nutritional Treatments for Hypertension

ER Braverman, MD; E Weisberg, BA

Epiodermolysis Bullosa: A Zinc Dependent Condition?

A Hoffer, MD, PhD