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S Carter



Welcome To Second World Congress on Vitamin C

J Patrick

Solution To the Puzzle of Human Cardiovascular Disease: Its Primary Cause Is Ascorbate Deficiency ading to the Deposition of Lipoprotein(a) and Fibrinogen/Fibrin in the Vascular Wall

M Rath , MD; L Pauling, PhD

An Orthomolecular Theory of Human Health and Disease

L Pauling, PhD; M Rath, MD

Apoprotein(a) Is An Adhesive Protein

M Rath, MD; L Pauling, PhD

Case Report: Lysine/Ascorbate Related Amelioration of Angina Pectoris

M Rath, MD; L Pauling, PhD

Vitamin C and Stomatology: A Mouthful of Evidence

E Cheraskin DMD, MD

Clinical Procedures in Treating Terminally Ill Cancer Patients with Vitamin C

A Hoffer, MD, PhD

Vitamin C and Multifactorial Disease

CAB Clemetson, MD

Vitamin C Deficiency, Cholesterol Metabolism and Atherosclerosis

E Ginter, PhD, DSc

Highly Beneficial Results in the Treatment of Aids

J Priestly, MD

Children, Vitamin C and Medical Progress
LH Smith, MD

The Role of Melatonin in the Circadian Rhythm in Health and Disease

WH Philpott, PhD

Sports and Exercise: Nutritional Augmentation and Health Benefits

ER Braverman, MD

Cases from the Center: Topical Ascorbate Stops Prolonged Bleeding from Tooth Extraction

HD Riordan, MD; JA Jackson, PhD