Diet and Schizophrenia
Jonathan E. Prousky, ND, MSc

Guest Editorial
One Patient’s Point of View about Orthomolecular Psychiatry
Robert Sealey, BSc, CA

Original Research
The Association of Differing Food Group Consumption with Overall Health Ratings:
A Survey of 55,570 United Kingdom Respondents
Patrick Holford, BSc, DipION, FBANT, NTCRP; Catherine Trustram Eve, MBA, BSc (Hons), DipM, MCIM;
Drew Fobbester, DipION, MBANT, FIDM, MSNLP

Viewpoint Article
The Unique Vulnerability of the Human Brain to Toxic Chemical Exposure and the
Importance of Toxic Chemical Evaluation and Treatment in Orthomolecular Psychiatry
William Shaw, PhD

Case from the Center
Do Orthomolecular Health Care Professionals Practice What They Preach?
James A. Jackson, MT(ASCP)CLS, PhD; Ronald Hunninghake, MD; Paul Taylor, BS, BA

Review Article
Vitamin B3 for Depression: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Jonathan E. Prousky, ND, MSc

Synthesis Article
High-dose Therapy with Ascorbate, Niacin, Folate and B12: Pauling was Right
but for the Wrong Reason
Martin L. Pall, PhD

Some Philosophical Reflections on Orthomolecular Psychiatry