The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine is Alive and Well
Jonathan E. Prousky, ND, MSc

Guest Editorial
Some Philosophical Reflections on Orthomolecular Psychiatry
Abraham Rudnick, BMedSc, MD, MPsych, PhD, CPRP, FRCPC

Viewpoint Article
Orthomolecular Psychiatry: Past, Present and Future
L. John Hoffer, MD, PhD

Review Article
Nutrition and Eye Diseases
Robert G. Smith, PhD

Educational Article
Understanding the Serum Vitamin B12 Level and its Implications for
Treating Neuropsychiatric Conditions: An Orthomolecular Perspective
Jonathan E. Prousky, ND, MSc

Case from the Center
Memory Loss and Response to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Rebecca Kirby, MD, MS, RD; James A. Jackson, MT(ASCP), PhD;
Mavis Schultz, ARNP

2010 Doctor of the Year; 2010 Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame;
Highlights from the 2010 Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference

Book Review
A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine