Prematurity, The Greatest Threat

A Hoffer, MD, PhD


In Memoriam:

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Dr. V. G. Clark-Wismer

A Hoffer, MD, PhD; JHC KO, MD



The Epidemiological Structure of Multiple Sclerosis in California

M Wiberg-Kirsten; DI Templer; WG Cannon

Antioxidants and Cancer: A Brief Discussion on Controversies, Contradictions and Paradoxes

MJ Gonzáles; NH Riordan, MI Matos; M Argüelles

A Theoretical Biochemical Basis of Cancer: Confirmation by Electromagnetic Radiation



Case from the Center:

Ascorbic Acid Effect on Plasma Amino Acids

JA Jackson, MT (ASCP) CLS, PhD, BCLD; HD Riordan, MD; S. Neathery, MT; C Revard, BS

Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome: A Case Report

CP Ross, PhD, DC; JS Ross, MD; PR Saunders, PhD, ND, DHANP

Evidence that Mercury from Silver Dental Fillings may be an Etiological Factor in Reduced Nerve Conduction Velocity in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

RL Siblerud; E Kienholz

The Effects of in vitro Electrical Stimulation on Eukaryotic Cells: Suppression of Malignant Cell Proliferation

GD O’Clock, PhD


Book Review:

Family Homeopathy, A Practical Guide for Home Treatment



Nature and Vitamin C: An Engineer’s View


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Conference Reports from Brazil and Denmark; List of Affiliates