The Future of Psychiatry

A Hoffer, MD, PhD



How the Sick Get Sicker by Following Current Medical Protocol: the Example of Undiagnosed Magnesium Deficiency

SA Rogers, MD

The Adverse Effects of Manganese Deficiency on Reproduction and Health: A Literature Review

Tuula E Tuormaa


Case from the Center:

Intravenous Vitamin C in A Terminal Cancer Patient

N Riordan; J Jackson, PhD; HD Riordan, MD

Botanical Inhibitors of Amine Oxidase: Relevance To Cancer Therapy

A Hoffer, MD, PhD; MA Weiner, PhD

Mercury Vapour in the Oral Cavity in Relation To the Number of Amalgam Surfaces and the Classic Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Poisoning

H Lichtenberg, DDS

Unrecognized Pandemic Subclinical Diabetes of the Affluent Nations: Causes, Cost and Prevention

JTA Ely, PhD

Cancer Therapy by Immobilizing Mitotic Energy Sources

JAG Holt, MD


Coenzyme Q10 and Cancer; Chronic Sulfite Toxicity


Book Review:

Breast Health; Eat the Weeds; Hoffer’s Laws of Natural Nutrition

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