The Need To Liberate Physicians To Practice Complementary Medicine, Hugh Pearson; Two Anecdotes

A. Hoffer, MD, PhD

Case from the Center:

Agitation, Allergies and Attention Deficit Disorder in An 11-year Old Boy

J.A. Jackson, PhD, BCLD; RE Hunninghake, MD; HD Riordan, MD; L Doran, BS


Theoretical Evidence That the Ebola Virus Zaire Strain May Be Selenium- Dependent: A Factor in Pathogenesis and Viral Outbreaks?

EW Taylor, PhD; CS Ramanathan

Cretinism: the Iodine-selenium Connection

HD Foster, PhD

Mercury and Acrodynia

G Bjorklund

Parkinson’s Disease and Mercury

G Bjorklund

Adverse Effects of Zinc Deficiency: A Review from the Literature

TE Tuormaa

Eye Pressure Lowering Effect of Vitamin C

HH Boyd, MD

Orthomolecular: the Optimum Treatment for Schizophrenia

A Hoffer, MD, PhD

Minerals and Disease

JD Campbell, PhD

Book Reviews:

Diet and Disease; Dealing with Depression Naturally; Solved: the Riddle of Illness; Aids and Chinese Medicine; the Yeast Connection and the Woman; Why We Will Never Win the War on Aids; Optimal Wellness; Turning Lead into Gold
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