Editorial Comment inside Front Cover
J.R. MacLean MD


The Challenging Frontier: Environmental, Genetic, Biochemical and Neurological Factors in Severe Mental illness
D.J. Beavers, PhD

Schizophrenia: Response to Intensive Hospital Treatment as Monitored by the HOD and OIT Tests
F. Chiossone, MD; D.R. Hawkins, MD; F. Furaro; R.P. Runyon Ph.D

Structural therapy: A Developmental Approach to the Treatment of Early infantile Autism
H.A. Handford, MD; A.J. Ward, PhD

The “Autistic Syndrome” and Phenylketonuria
E. Friedman, PhD

Chromosome Studies in Childhood Schizophrenia
D.V. Siva Sankar, PhD; C.F. Saladino Jr, MA

The Value of Insulin Coma Therapy
J.D. Freund, MD

The School Counselor’s Role in the Detection and Management of Suspected Adolescent Schizophrenics
E.J. Paolucci, EdM