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IV therapies employed in the patient who has cancer are an invaluable component of integrative oncology. Research into novel areas of IV therapy continues to advance the options for this type of care. This seminar is designed to bring cutting-edge applications to light, and to reinforce the rationale for established IV therapies in oncology.

Learn the most effective and current application of parenteral (IV) micronutrients and other intravenous agents to improve cancer care and quality of life.

Seminar Outline:

IV Therapy to Improve Quality of Life in the Patient with Cancer
Primary Therapies: High-Dose IVC, IVC-Artesunate, Glycyrrhizin, ALA, LAMC, Germanium, DMSO, MSM
Clinical Lessons Learned in IV Oncology Research and Patient Management
Patient Triage and Therapy Selection
Frequency and Duration of IV Therapies
Sequencing IV Therapies for Synergy
Metabolic IV Oncology Approaches: Ketosis, DCA-LAMC, HBOT and other considerations
New Data on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and IVC


Salcinium, Silver Hydrosol
Central Lines
Curcumin, Quercetin, TM Copper Chelation
Case Discussions
IV Protocols: Incorporating Parenteral (IV) Products Discussed into Intravenous Protocols
Question & Answer Period

Instructors for this seminar are:
Paul Anderson, ND; Brenden Cochran, ND; Virginia Osborne, ND