Sociedad Española de Nutrición y Medicina Ortomolecular (SENMO)
The Spanish Society of Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine is an open associative body that aims to support our professional activity from scientific, technical, and legal perspectives. SENMO is an association of professionals that promotes and defends the common interests of orthomolecular medicine and nutrition.

Orthomolecular medicine encompasses the universal concept of homeostasis, or equilibrium of the internal environment, based on the molecular principles of cellular constitution, where molecules work in balance in order to maintain the health of the individual.

Orthomolecular medicine uses the basic principles of universal health, ranging from the assessment of background, anamnesis, physical examination, laboratory analysis, diagnosis and therapeutic behavior, the latter defined by the use of nutraceuticals based on the principles of nutrigenomics (nourish the gene so that the phenotype is not expressed) and nutrigenetics (identify the nutrient that has the nutri-drug-genomic effect to nutrigenomically balance the cells) which does not preclude the synergistic use of drugs to alleviate the symptoms of the patients, eventually in doses lower than those conventionally used, maximizing its benefits and minimizing its side effects.

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