Norwegian Orthomolecular Research Alliance (NORA)

The Norwegian Orthomolecular Research Alliance is a dedicated research group committed to advancing the field of orthomolecular medicine through rigorous scientific research, evidence-based practices, and the promotion of holistic healthcare. Our mission is to contribute to understanding the critical role of nutrition, environmental factors, and personalized approaches in optimizing human health and preventing and treating diseases.

Research Focus:

NORA’s research endeavors focus on several key areas within orthomolecular medicine, including:

1. Nutritional Interventions: We investigate the impact of various nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, on human physiology, biochemistry, and overall health. Our research explores the interactions between nutrition and disease prevention and the potential therapeutic benefits of targeted nutritional interventions.

2. Environmental Factors: We explore the influence of environmental factors, such as exposure to toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals, on human health and the development of diseases. Our research aims to elucidate the mechanisms by which environmental factors impact physiological processes and identify strategies for mitigating their harmful effects.

3. Personalized Medicine: NORA emphasizes the importance of personalized, individualized approaches to healthcare. Our research investigates the role of genetic and epigenetic factors in determining individual responses to nutritional interventions and environmental exposures. We aim to contribute to developing personalized medicine strategies that optimize health outcomes based on individual variations.

4. Disease Prevention and Treatment: NORA is dedicated to understanding the potential of orthomolecular medicine in preventing and treating various diseases. We explore the therapeutic applications of nutritional interventions, including managing chronic conditions, metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders. Our research aims to provide evidence-based insights into the efficacy and safety of orthomolecular approaches in disease prevention and treatment.

President: Prof. h.c. Dr. Geir Bjørklund, MD

Norwegian Orthomolecular Research Alliance (NORA)

c/o Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine,
Toften 24, 8610 Mo I Rana, Norway