Société Francophone Nutrithérapie Nutrigénétique Apliquée
The Francophone Society for Nutritherapy and Applied Nutrigenetics (SOFNNA) is a non-profit scientific organisation with a mission to promote scientific research and professional training of health and sports professionals in the field of orthomolecular micronutrition and dietary supplement sciences based on the recent developments in nutritional biochemistry and nutrigenetics. SOFNNA is based in France, with international scientific collaboration and representative national organisations in the French-Speaking Countries around the world. SOFNNA was formalized in 2018, as a natural evolution of the “Nutrition Orthomoléculaire” training program established in 2014 by Amin Gasmi.

Executive Board Members:

Amin Gasmi, PresidentAlain Menzel, Honorary PresidentSalva Piscopo, TreasurerCedric Lapauw, General Secretary

Société Francophone Nutrithérapie Nutrigénétique Apliquée

Mailing Address: 
20 D Rue Théo DelsartSaint-Etienne, Loire 42000France

Phone: +33646558069