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The world of diets seems to be ever changing: eat this, don’t eat this, eat more of that… it’s overwhelming. When your patients tell you the different diets that they are contemplating, it’s so important that you know that pros and cons of all of them. No diet is perfect for every person, and it is so important that we understand what would best suit each patient. Food Fight is just that: a great way for you to learn about different lifestyle diets that your patients are contemplating. Instead of feeling lost, or only knowing a portion of what there is to understand about these different lifestyle changes, Food Fight will help you to grasp the need for certain patients to make these changes, and which ones might be best for them. I hope that you join us in Pittsburgh for a great weekend to learn and explore many of the different diets that your patients are trying…and hopefully succeeding on!
– Megan Strauchman, DO (Program Chair)