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A Patient-Centered Approach to Mental Health Care

An in-depth, one-day event to help you understand and utilize a functional, patient-centric model of care in your practice, providing a new model of hope and recovery for patients.

Healthcare is changing; psychiatry is not. It’s time to expand how we provide psychiatric care. Mental health professionals deserve better diagnostic and treatment tools. Our patients deserve better care and hope for recovery. Mental illnesses are being treated according to models that haven’t changed in over a half-century. Patients with unique symptomatic presentations are being tucked into one-size-fits-all categories, and offered treatment to manage symptoms rather than address their biologic individuality.

Discover a new model of psychiatric assessment and treatment with a functional medicine approach that will help you improve patient outcomes and transform the field of psychiatry. You’ll learn how to assess a patient’s unique biomarkers and the biological, genetic, and environmental factors associated with their condition to create a personalized treatment plan that moves beyond symptom management and suppression, and guides patients to lasting wellness.

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