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Optimizing Immunologic Functions that Help Reduce Risk for Infection, Morbidity and Mortality by Vitamins D, C & Integrative Orthomolecular Medicine Measures

DAVINCI Conference: Direct Access to Virtual International and National Conference Information
President: M. Holick, USA; Organizing committee: J. Spitz, Germany and R. Cheng, USA; powered by Optimum-Health, Germany

15 keynote speakers and Prof. Michael Holick as president will give an “Update 2021” of the situation and invite everybody to participate to listen and collect latest information – broadcasted all over the world.

“We are convinced, that the growing evidence of the great influence of vitamin D on our immune system combined with the worldwide awareness of the pandemic of viral infections offer a unique chance to put vitamin D in the correct light it deserves – as well in the medical field as well in the public opinion – especially if accompanied by Integrative Orthomolecular Medicine Measures.”


Please note:

All lectures will be held in English.

Access to the conference content without limitation after November 21, 2021 will be only possible by purchasing the conference package add-on!


Contact: support@optimum-health-research.net